Steal vs. Splurge

Hey guys!

Yesterday I was excited to come across these gorgeous dupes of a pair of sandals I have been eyeing for awhile, but have always hesitated on purchasing because of the price!

The pair I originally started eyeing are these Ancient Greek Sandals (click here). They are an original and interesting take on the gladiator sandal that I have always loved. These shoes retail for $265 USD and $360 CAD. Yikes. For a few slivers of leather and a sole it just seems a bit steep (for me).

Low and behold, weeks later I found these gorgeous and incredibly similar dupes (click here). These nearly identical dupes retail for $23, nothing like knocking a big zero (and some extra) off the price of the originals. I am sure the quality isn’t quite the same but at the end of the day the price difference is huge and totally worth it.

Can you guess which are more expensive and which are cheaper? Leave a comment below with your guess!








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