Monday Motivation: 5 of my favourite things 11.14.16

I know I sound crazy, but I have to say that I love Mondays. To me, Monday represents new beginnings. I always come back to work with a fresh mind, feeling ready and motivated to work and achieve my dreams.

To pass along this Monday motivation, I have compiled 5 of my favourite Monday finds:

  1. I love the moon, I feel connected to it perhaps only because it is far away and is a mystery to me … I think I am fascinated by the moon because it is something we all share and experience … read about today’s supermoon here.
  2. Fashion Careers of the Future  .. .what girl doesn’t dream of a career in fashion? To all my ladies, click here for an article outlining the fashion jobs of the future.
  3. When I can’t travel, I like to look for inspiration and photos of beautiful places, over the weekend I discovered this Instagram account by “brianmcw” who takes photos of Boston on his walk to work.
  4. I love interior design, more specifically I love the look of “un-designed” spaces (note the feature image on this post) … this article in Elle Decor outlines how to create a “worldly” space by decorating with your travel souvenirs.
  5. I am a city girl, whether it is for living or travelling I am always happiest in a city. Through travel I have learned the importance of created good public spaces … this article shows a public sauna in the city of Helinski, it’s design is beautiful and I am captivated by the thought that such a beautiful space could be open to the public.

I hope your interests are as varied as mine (as you can tell from this post) and that you all enjoy your fresh start this Monday!



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