That Jumpsuit Life

This past weekend I attended a gorgeous wedding at the Four Seasons in Toronto. I had purchased this jumpsuit in the summer at a boutique in Toronto on Queen West called Convey and was super excited to have a reason to wear it! I purchased it with this amazing embossed green leather biker jacket from By the Namesake who is this really cool Toronto gal who makes custom leathers … but I’ll save that for another time.

I was pumped to have a place to wear this awesome jumpsuit. It’s a black satin and is a bit shinier than you can see in the pictures. The back is completely open and has this thick long dramatic straps that you can tie into a bow or around the waist depending on what you’re going for.

I love jumpsuits for so many reasons. Firstly, they’re different. And nothing makes my heart beat faster than something unconventional. Secondly, they are shockingly flattering. Jumpsuits come in so many shapes in sizes and there are styles that suit every body type. Thirdly, I love that you can dress jumpsuits up or down. I was thinking I could wear this particular jumpsuit with a sheer turtleneck underneath for a work party, or throw a sweater on over top and just let the bow and bottoms show.

The pictures below aren’t from the day of the wedding. This was a day I tried on the jumpsuit to make sure it still fit haha. I wore it with a thick short gold necklace and my green jacket.

Since I can’t find a link to this jumpsuit, I’ve included a list of my current favourites. This jumpsuit wasn’t super affordable but I like that there are many options at all price points. Some of the cheaper ones are my fav!


  1. Norma Kamali Sleeveless from ShopBop
  2. Norma Kamali Long Sleeve from ShopBop (I really want this one)
  3. Finders Keeper’s Culotte Jumpsuit from UO (similar silhouette to mine)
  4. Lace Flare Leg Jumpsuit from Zara ($89!!!)
  5. Cropped Culotte Jumpsuit from Zara ($69!!)
  6. Tweed Jumpsuit from Zara ($49!!! I just ordered this … I picture it for the office with a slinky turtleneck underneath 😉

Happy Shopping!!




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