Cardigan Style

The idea for this post came from a post I really loved on Something Navy’s blog. It featured this amazing red and floral cardigan with leopard silk lining. I immediately fell in love with the cardigan by Magda Butrym but at $1000 USD I knew the cardigan was out of reach.

So, as in my last post, I decided to use this beautiful piece as inspiration to find fun, chunky and different cardigans. Side note: if you have an unlimited fashion budget I highly recommend this Gucci reversible cardigan that I found in my search. it’s perfect and timeless in so many ways.

My search for more affordable options took me to Anthoropology where I found much more affordable options.

Here are some of my favourite, unique cardigans that are just the perfect amount of **extra**.

  1. Winged Patchwork Cardigan
  2. Sitka Cardigan
  3. Oversized Cocoon Cardigan
  4. Fringed Architecture Sweater
  5. Cathy Sweater Coat
  6. Lima Handknit Cardigan

Plus, I think these cardigans would look awesome with the hiking boot Prada inspired hack from my last post!

Happy shopping/styling!



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