Prada Bootie Hack

For the last month or two, every time I have walked by the Prada boutique I have taken a moment to pay my respects to the shoe gods for creating these sweet sweet booties.

One part hiking boot and one part mod dancing shoebootie there is only one thing I don’t like about these booties: the price! At $990 USD they are a little out of reach for me. I love expensive shoes and I love to splurge when I can but I can’t buy everything designer and so I went looking for a pair of shoes that will give me the same look. There’s nothing like looking to high-fashion for inspiration for what you buy!

I figured if I found a lace up bootie and some hiking laces I could easily recreate this look and make a fun project for myself.

So I found these thick heeled Sam Edelman boots online and these cheap n cute hiking laces online (these are cute too … and these) to add to the shoes and voila!

The fun part about this DIY is that if you buy these laces you can add them to shoes you already own!  These laces would also be amazing on these and these and these.



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