It’s all about the shoes

It’s my first post and as such I wanted to make it meaningful. For me, shoes always make the outfit. Some girls are handbag girls, some love accessories, but for me it’s always been all about the shoes.

Shoes elevate any outfit from ordinary to extraordinary and shoes are where I like to spend my money.

To honour my love of shoes I have picked my current, favourite shoe designer Laurence Dacade to feature on my first post. I spent a year living in Paris and it had an enormous impact on my style and how I dress. What I love about Parisian style is that daytime and nighttime dressing blend together seamlessly. Laurence Dacade shoes are a perfect example of that blend. I am a t-shirt, jeans and awesome shoes kind of girl and these hit the mark.

The shoes shown in the picture above are a little pricey to say the least, so I have compiled a list of more affordable LD options below. If price isn’t an issue for you, you can shop these beauties here.

These shoes can be pricey so here are links to some favourites **on sale**:

  1. Gala leather ankle boots
  2.  Gatsby Studded Leather Ankle Boot
  3. Lace Ankle Boot
  4. Studded Nude Ankle Boot

Here are some regular priced beauties:

  1. Pete Star Bootie
  2. Mia Patchwork Denim 85mm Chelsea Boot, Blue
  3. Milly Lace Up Grey Suede Bootie
  4. Marcella Side Lace Bootie
  5. Manushka Shearling Lined Ankle Boots

I had a such a hard time compiling a list of my favourites because they are actually ALL my favourite.




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